How to make an Iron Golem in Minecraft and get a little extra protection

Need some extra defensive power for your base? You’ll need to know how to make an Iron Golem in Minecraft. These mean-looking guards are the perfect force to protect your villagers and buildings from any incoming hostile mobs in Minecraft, like zombies and skeletons. This guide has all the information you need to know about Minecraft Iron Golems including the recipe/how to build them, and how they work.How to make an Iron Golem in MinecraftIn order to make a Minecraft Iron Golem, you don’t need to use a Crafting Table like you would to make most things in the game. Instead, you need to place blocks on the ground in a specific formation.The ingredients you need to make one Iron Golem are four Iron Blocks (each one consisting of nine Iron Ingots in a Crafting Table), and one single Pumpkin. Place the five blocks as pictured below.(Image credit: Mojang)As long as there are no connecting blocks on either side (other than the floor it’s stood on, of course), placing the Pumpkin last should cause an Iron Golem to spawn. As long as you have the materials, you can do this as many times as you like to create your own personal army.Why are Minecraft Iron Golems useful?(Image credit: Mojang)Iron Golems are solemnly sworn to protect players and villagers, provided you don’t attack them. They’re classed as neutral mobs so unlike cows, pigs and the like, Iron Golems will attack you back.When an Iron Golem is placed inside a village, it will slowly wander around, patrolling the area. If it’s not in a village, it will gradually make its way towards the closest one. If an Iron Golem takes damage, the player can heal it by using an Iron Ingot on it.If you’ve got enough Iron and have a base or village you want to protect, Iron Golems are the way forward. Unfortunately, you can’t name them like you can normal pets though!Minecraft commands | Best Minecraft servers | Minecraft Realms | Best Minecraft seeds | Best Minecraft mods | Best Minecraft shaders | Best Minecraft skins | Best Minecraft texture packs | Play Minecraft for free | Minecraft enchanting | Minecraft house | Minecraft Nether update | Minecraft Netherite | Minecraft Netherite tools | Minecraft Netherite armor

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