7 Top Marketing Tools To Grow Your Online Presence

How do you learn more about your customers so you can serve them better? You use marketing tools to leverage every minute of your time, you grow your online presence, and you encourage customers to engage with you.
1.     Ubersuggest
Ubersuggest includes a high-value suite of tools that you can use to improve where you appear in search results.
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You need to be higher than your competitors and this app will show you how to get there. Ubersuggest lets you analyse other sites in your niche that outrank you in search. When you find the sites that link to them, you can start work on getting them to link to you. Ubersuggest finds topics for you to write about that will get social shares and has a website audit function.
As an SEO tool, Ubersuggest it is extremely simple to use and gives you much more for much less than its competitors.
2.     Wistia
Wistia is a Youtube alternative that WON’T show your competitors’ ads before your video.
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In an ideal video world, your video channel will not link to or promote competing channels. Wistia lets you do that. It also lets you adjust colours, include CTAs, and capture email addresses to help engage with your audience.
You upload your videos to Wistia and then add an embed link to your website or social accounts.
3.     HootSuite
Social media engagement is a crucial marketing principle. However, it can take over your life. HootSuite makes social media doable.
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HootSuite gives you one dashboard where you can monitor all your social channels for brand mentions, respond to incoming messages, and schedule posts. You can build better relationships with customers because you can respond instantly to any queries and can find out what initiatives customers would welcome.
4.     Eventbrite
Online events are the new normal. Eventbrite gives you a way to organise online events for people in your niche.
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Online events can establish you as THE authority in your subject. Eventbrite publicises all events, so you will reach people who might never have visited your website normally. Eventbrite will only charge a fixed fee per ticket you for paid events but free events are the best way to start, and they won’t cost you a penny.
5.     Mighty Networks
MightyNetworks is designed for people who are unhappy about trusting their marketing to Facebook. It provides an alternative way to run a group where everyone in the group sees your posts.
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Facebook is free, but that’s all it has going for it. Mighty Networks provides an alternative to the “website + social media group” model. You can make posts just as you do with a blog, but you can also organise virtual and real-word meetings, enable messaging, and run courses.
Your Mighty Networks site can be set up on your own domain, and importantly, has been designed for optimum mobile functionality.
6.     Campaigner
Email is still the top communication channel for many companies. Email marketing software makes the difference between being seen as an amateur on the one hand, and professional emails that people open on the other hand.
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Campaigner has all the standard email marketing features like email templates, email open rates, and advanced A/B split testing. You can apply segmentation principles to your lists including prior behaviours and geo-location.
7.     HubSpot CRM
HubSpot’s free CRM will help you to convert expressions of interest into purchases.
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Consistency is the key to conversions. Potential customers want to speak with reps who know their contact history. Hubspot’s CRM helps you to achieve the necessary consistency, even when different employees are dealing with the same customer.
In Conclusion
With Covid-19, growing your online presence has become more important than ever. Online communication with customers is more important than telephone or personal contact for many businesses. Success depends on making online messages personal: Blasting out messages to the world will quickly destroy your reputation and lose you customers.

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