Stella Public House

Photograph by Sam Wells

Photograph by Sam Wells

1429 Island Ave
San Diego, CA | MAP

WHAT TO EAT: Farm to table wood-fired pizza pizza pizza!!
EATER TIP: The 'small plates' are aptly named so get 2 or 3

During Comic-Con weekend there are many places to grab a bite nearby the Convention Center, but that's exactly what I did not want to do. I just wanted to get away from the craziness, the kooky costumes, and the annoying chorus of religious picketers. Luckily Meesh came to the rescue and recommended Stella Public House in East Village about a mile and a half away.

No more than a year old, Stella Public House is literally a breath of fresh air. The restaurant is open, airy, and neighbors a grassy park. It was the perfect oasis I was yearning for to replenish my stomach and sanity. After choosing a stout from their eclectic tap list of 30, I was ready to chow down.


My party started with Eggplant Tian and Wild Mushroom Mac & Cheese. The Eggplant Tian tasted very fresh: fried eggplant, marinara, organic mozza (hand-pulled daily I hear), and a short deck of house-made bread (I even ate the basil garnish, mmm leafy). The Mac & Cheese, although teensy, was pretty dang awesome. First of all they used cavatappi pasta which is always fun to eat, and it was bathed in a concoction of smoked gouda and parmesan cheese finished with truffle oil. Oh yeah, the wild mushrooms are yummy too as they add a nice bite and aroma to the dish.

For ze mains my table went with 2 pizzas: Quattro Carne and Wild Mushroom. If you despise the vegetarian lifestyle, then the Quattro Carne is the choice for you! It has sausage, spicy salami, pancetta, and black ham. 'Twas meaty but not heavy, a great pizza for the meat lover in your life. On the other side, the Wild Mushroom melds a variety of cheeses with a blend of asiago, parmesan, mozzarella, and provolone. On top of that lay roasted onions and those same wild, earthy mushrooms from before, all caramelized and oozing with flavor. The pizzas here are prepared Neapolitan style, but I don't recall tasting any chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry flavors.

Next time you're in East Village check out Stella Public House for pleasant views, quenching booze, and an overall delicious time!