Rosemary Shortbread Cookies

At the office Mike brought in a bunch of rosemary to share and I grabbed a big handful. I wasn't sure what I wanted to make with it, but I knew I wanted to try something different. Me being the "cookie guy" at work, I looked up recipes for a rosemary cookies. Sure enough I found one, made a few modifications, and baked away.

I gotta be honest – I was very skeptical that these would turn out good (or even mediocre). I mean c'mon, rosemary?! I use rosemary with fibrous proteins, not cookies! Plus it was a shortbread recipe (my first time making such a thing) so it's safe to say I had my doubts. But there's one important thing I've learned from baking: give the oven a chance.

Being unsure of the best way to bake shortbread dough, I decided to bake them two ways: cookie crisps and mini muffins. Fortunately both turned out nice and it was time for the taste test. It was nearly 2AM as I leaned in for a bite and instantly I was awakened with a light, buttery taste and a hint of fragrant rosemary. I deemed it edible. Now to share with my co-workers.

Success! Just about everyone enjoyed the unique treats and I was quite surprised by the response. If rosemary works well, what about thyme or cilantro? I may have to experiment some day.