Daily Grill

SURF & TURF  —  filet and grilled shrimp with a side of spinach mashed potatoes.

SURF & TURF filet and grilled shrimp with a side of spinach mashed potatoes.

5400 W Century Blvd
Los Angeles, CA | MAP

WHAT TO EAT: Chicken pot pie, loaded mac & cheese, meat loaf
EATER TIP: Join the Preferred Guest Program and get free corkage

What do you get when you combine casual comfort with sophistication? This place—the Daily Grill—by no means considered a fancy establishment, but still sexy enough to impress a first date. Don't be surprised to see meetings with briefcases and laptops; the classic ambiance seems to draw in the working-professional type. However, during my most recent visit, I found myself sipping wine whilst listening to music by Coldplay, Pinback, and... HANSON!? Just kidding, no mmmbops (but yes to "Yellow" and "Good to Sea").

I like to describe the food as "comfort cuisine" as you won't read too many esoteric dishes from their menu, but you will find attention to detail in their presentation. I highly recommend starting off with the loaded mac & cheese (there's bacon and mushroom in it!) and ending with whatever the heck you want—I don't care—just make sure to start with the M&C, mmkay?

If you happen to visit the Century Blvd location, I hope you have the privilege of dining with Sergio (the wine connoisseur) or Mark (the 80's movie buff) as your awesome waiter. Yum appétit!  

STUFFED SALMON  —  aromatic brown rice, salmon w/   spinach, mushrooms, and capers.

STUFFED SALMON aromatic brown rice, salmon w/ spinach, mushrooms, and capers.