SuperNatural Sandwiches

CTHULHU  —  This beaut is a l  obster roll with umami butter ('nuff said).

CTHULHUThis beaut is a lobster roll with umami butter ('nuff said).

7094 Miramar Rd #105
San Diego, CA | MAP

WHAT TO EAT: Lobster roll aka Cthulhu (pronounced "ka-thoo-loo")
EATER TIP: The hockey puck-sized shrimp chips are included when you dine-in

When you're hungry and driving down Miramar Rd you're tempted to get a burrito, a burger, or maybe even some Chinese food at East Buffet (or is their name Super Buffet now? wait, did they change it back to Looney Tunes Buffet?! Forget it, just avoid that buffet at all costs). Well when you're tired of the usual, you can now dive into some seafood between bread at SuperNatural Sandwiches, San Diego's newest premier sandwich destination. 

With over 14 sandwiches to choose from (all named after mythological creatures) plus 3 choices of add-on's (including fried egg!!) there is a concoction for every type of eater here. If seafood isn't your cup of chowder, there are 'wiches with chicken, sausage, and Korean BBQ beef/steak.

Upon ordering, Shauna was very helpful explaining all of the offerings. She even provided some personal rec's such as substituting fried rice in place of the bread and adding a FRIED EGG EGG EGG (that's an echo) on top. Being a big eater, one sandwich alone did not satisfy my hunger... which is why I went back ON THE SAME DAY and ate half of an Aphrodite sandwich.

If you feel like venturing away from deli sandwiches or $5 footlongs, give SuperNatural Sandwiches a try!! And while you're there visit Kim's Mart next door, I think they're having a sale on tupperware right now. 

SIREN  —  spicy garlic shrimp atop spicy sauce, tomatoes, and greens.

SIRENspicy garlic shrimp atop spicy sauce, tomatoes, and greens.

APHRODITE  —  shrimp & applewood smoked bacon grilled cheese. 

APHRODITE shrimp & applewood smoked bacon grilled cheese.