HOLLA AT THOSE BUNS  —  simply dressed in paper bag wrappers on matching paper plates (aww).

HOLLA AT THOSE BUNSsimply dressed in paper bag wrappers on matching paper plates (aww).

317 S Broadway St
Los Angeles, CA | MAP

WHAT TO EAT: The cheeseburger
EATER TIP: No fries, so get some beef tallow fries at Belcampo Meat Co nearby

Located at the Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles is an eatery showcasing one of life's most beloved foods—the egg. Hatched in 2011, Eggslut is a small but bustling establishment serving a limited menu incorporating eggs in a variety of yummy ways. I was lucky to grab a counter seat this past weekend with Stacy.  

The first time I visited Eggslut, I left hungry—that's because I chose not to wait in their super duper long line (sorry, no fast passes available). Luckily on this visit I only had to wait 20 minutes and Gail took my order even after their closing time of 4pm had barely passed. As I waited for my food, I witnessed a couple of peeps bypass the line and try to sweet talk their order in from the pick-up area (they were swiftly rejected).     

EGGSLUT CHEESEBURGER  —  looks classy but packs a one-of-a-kind taste with every ooey-gooey bite.

EGGSLUT CHEESEBURGERlooks classy but packs a one-of-a-kind taste with every ooey-gooey bite.

I ordered the Eggslut Cheeseburger and was delighted. There is enough egg for every bite from start to finish which I was not expecting. The oozing, golden yolk is runny but won't go far because the pillowy soft brioche bun does a nice job of soaking it up. The juicy burger is wagyu beef and will melt in your mouth (mine was cooked medi-yum). Other components of this burger include caramelized onions, bread and butter pickles, cheddar cheese, and dijonnaise spread.

GAUCHO a harmonic medley of textures + flavors highlighted with strips of quickly seared tri-tip steak.

Stacy ordered the Gaucho which is the most expensive item on the menu at $11. This Argentina-inspired sandwich is quite the experience in yo' mouth as it incorporates distinct flavors of chimichurri, manchego cheese, and seasoned arugula. The hero of this baby is undoubtedly the seared wagyu tri-tip steak, so tender.

Besides the long wait and lack of sides, Eggslut is a wonderful place to grab a bite. Flavorful ingredients and a friendly staff is what makes this place so popular with the masses. I'd like to chomp at Eggslut again and try their other items in the future.