Happy 1st Birthday, BIG ROUND FACE!!

Before the calendar flips its page, I wanted to say Happy 1st Birthday to my blog BIG ROUND FACE

I published my first article in March of 2015 and I have steadily kept up my writing with every spare chance that I got. It is not only a way for me to sharpen my written voice, but also an avenue to share moments of my life with friends as I progress towards life as a sexy, silver-haired grandpa (more about this later in a future post... the friends part, not the hair).

I have a badonkadonk-load of drafts waiting to be completed and published, so please stay tuned. Also I plan to experiment with a new running series tentatively titled "Interviews" (tentative because I'm very tempted to replace that "s" with a "z") which I am super-duper excited about.

To the handful of you who have supported my endeavor in this from the very beginning, thank you so so much from the bottom of my big round face (aka my double chin). To those of you who secretly enjoy my blog but refrain to tell me about it, that's cool too — thank you for reading :)