Time for Others


More specifically spare time.
The more you have of it, the more you can LIVE!

Watch a movie, play a sport, or enjoy a drink!
Clean your room, wash your car, travel, or... 
The most popular one: sleeeeeeeeeep...

Usually we choose to spend our spare time doing things for ourselves (and rightfully so). We work hard & live busy lives, therefore we must cherish our peaceful moments (gotta have balance, yo).

I'm not a big-time volunteer, but during the past couple months I've managed to spare some of my spare time in order to help others and it has felt great: 

  • Using my design skills, I've been collaborating with my friend Antonette to create "pet profiles" for Much Love Animal Rescue, an non-profit organization in Los Angeles that exists to rescue abused, neglected, and homeless animals from the streets and shelters. The pet profiles are shared on the org's social channels to bring more awareness for adoptable animals.

  • I joined Stacy to help out her school's volunteer efforts to pack medical supplies for West African countries. I helped sort through & track inventory of useable supplies which would later be sent to countries affected by the ebola virus. I only volunteered for an hour or so, but it was still an hour or so.

  • I spent half a day at a middle school in Hawthorne speaking to 6th graders for their annual Career Day. I spoke about my work in animation & design, the lessons I've learned and carried with me, and I encouraged the kids to explore all that life has to offer. Thankfully most of the kids enjoyed my presentation and I even got to sign some autographs (free of charge).

In total my volunteer hours above equate to less than a day's worth, yet the eventual impact could be immeasurable. Who knows, I might help save a dog & cat... or help people in Cameroon live longer lives... or maybe inspire the next generation of bright minds! I guess I'll never know for sure, but at least I did my part (self-pat on the back).