When I Dreamt of Pitbull

*Photo from Google Images

Pitbull is a global rap sensation who has performed with some of the biggest names in the music biz. He's a señorita-magnet with undeniable swag. He tops charts regularly and can probably do one-armed pull-ups. 

But guuuueeeess what – I HATE HIM! HE ANNOYS ME! He looks like a cross between Bane and a hornet and his karaoke songs are very difficult to perform. He just talks really, really fast with a deep voice – HOW IS HE SO FAMOUS!?!

I thought this way about Pitbull for a very long time, that is until I had a dream...

Movie theater, mid-day, Stacy and I. We just finished watching a pretty good flick, probably something with action scenes and/or fart jokes. On our way out we decided to stop by the concession stand. As we were waiting in line, a gentleman in front of us turns around to say hi (or, should I say... hola). IT WAS PITBULL!! He and his novia both smiled back at us and shook our hands (for what reason? I have no idea, but it happened). After a brief chit chat we were both on our separate ways.

And that's all it took—an imaginary, perchance meeting between Pitbull and I—and now I don't hate him. In fact, now when I hear his songs on the radio I don't change the channel or turn it off—I tolerate it! ("I know you want me...la la la LA LAAA!") This very strange phenomenon made me wonder: who else do I dislike for no good reason? And, more importantly, would it hurt to change my mind about them?