Adho Mukha Svanasana

  *Photo from Google Images

*Photo from Google Images

I've been taking a yoga class for the past 5 weeks and wouldn't you know – I like it! My posture is improving, I am more aware of my breathing, and I get to hear fun words from my instructor.

Earth. Cactus. Crystallize.

By taking this class I not only feel more energetic and limber, but I also feel... out-of-place. You see, I am the only male in my class which typically occupies 12-15 females (now thats a solid ratio, AMIRIGHT!?). Being in a small enclosed space, I have no choice but to eavesdrop on conversations (last week's topic of discussion: DRESSES WITH POCKETS). I hate it, I hate it—no, not dresses with pockets, I think that's genius—but I hate the fact that I feel like I am openly snooping inside a girls locker room. Don't get me wrong: I love all the ladies in my class, they're super sweet and cool. But I can't help but wonder if my lone manly presence is placing a stoppage to what girls really talk about when they're away from chest hair and balls.

Inhale-twist. Exhale-fold. Cobra.

My favorite part of yoga is shavasana aka death pose: it's pretty much a 5-minute nap at the end of class. It's incredibly relaxing and I even begin to dream a bit before the instructor wakes me by telling me to wiggle my toes (that's my 2nd favorite part).

Chaturanga. Veerabhadra. Snap-crackle-pop. 

In addition to yoga, I've also been taking pilates class which is also quite nice. Instead of having just a keg for a stomach, I am now beginning to form a keg with the ability to contract (it's only been 5 weeks, give me a break!).